Precise Nutrition For The Dedicated Athlete

Your Nutrition Solution For Improving Your Energy, Strength, and Resiliency With Your Training And Life.

What Is Included?

Nutrition for Performance online course

People tend to make nutrition difficult. Nutrition For Performance lays it out in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The course provides you with simple changes to incorporate into your life that will make a quick impact on your training as well as learn what to do to dial in your nutrition for your race and competition schedule.

Performance Nutrition Plan

With the Performance Nutrition Plan, you will learn how much your body needs in order to meet YOUR specific goals. You will also discover the foods that will help you with this transformation, as well as a metabolically precise eating schedule based on your lifestyle and training schedule.

Own Your Day, Own Your Life:
Creating the business and life you desire

If you feel like you are working yourself to the bone, not able to make time in the day for those things you both want and need to do, Own Your Day, Own Your Life is perfect for you. This book is an instruction manual for you to learn how to organize and prioritize your life to teach you how to live a healthier and happier life – a life you and your family can both enjoy.

(3) 30 minute coaching calls

You will receive three 30-minute coaching calls with a nutrition and performance coach.

  • The first call during the first week to get you prepared for success.
  • The second call will be at four weeks to check in, see how things are going, and answer any questions that have come up.
  • The third call will be at eight weeks to ensure you are ready for continued success as your training and competing continues.

2 months of email support

Change can be scary and stressful. That is the last thing you need when working to change your nutrition and improve your performance. Because of that, you have full access to email support for two months. Whatever questions, concerns, fears, etc. come up during the process, don’t hesitate to email