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What Get Your Fix Nutrition Is All About:

Secret #1: How To Make Nutrition Simple

People like to make nutrition more difficult that it has to be.  With Get Your Fix Nutrition, you will learn how to keep it simple and make it work with your lifestyle.

Secret #2: How To Decrease Injuries

The foods we eat can both contribute to inflammation as well as decrease inflammation.  We help you to sort those out in order to address those injuries from a way you have never thought about.

Secret #3: How To Hit New PRs

Your training will only get you so far.  With dialing in your nutrition, you can get over those plateaus and hit new PRs.

Dr. Brianne Showman  has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006. Since that time, she has been helping active adults and athletes get to peak health and performance.

She has helped hundreds of clients breakthrough performance barriers with customized nutrition programming. Where most people are told to train harder, she emphasizes training smarter and uses nutrition as a secret weapon when it comes to hitting new PR's in the weight room or on race day.

Being a competitive CrossFitter and runner herself, she is always stepping up her game and searching out the latest evidence and cutting-edge nutrition secrets.

What People Are Saying:


"I had tried many diets and many different workouts, but the scale was just simply not moving in my favor and could just not figure out why and in addition my energy level was very low. Thanks to the advice of Get Your Fix, I managed to lose 4 pounds in 1 week without changing anything in my life except for 1 recommendation from her. Now I started going to the gym again and my journey to a healthy life begins but with renewed hope."

M. Sanchez, NY

"I have gained a lot of weight over the years and had really messed up my metabolism with weight loss medication & poor diet. Get Your Fix is extremely knowledgeable with proper nutrition and mean plans. They helped me swap out processed foods for clean foods & I have noticed my energy increasing & my weight decreasing! What I love most is the commitment to helping me achieve my goals. Get Your Fix doesn’t focus on the quick fix weight loss but rather addresses fixing metabolic issues with proper nutrition and teaches you how to eat healthy for long term wellness which is different than any other nutritionist that I’ve seen."

L. Schneider, AZ

"Get Your Fix is a fantastic and very professional group to talk to when it comes to the very uncomfortable topic of nutrition and losing weight. I’ve always struggled with my weight and have to be very cautious with how I eat and workout to avoid sliding back into old habits. They are always there to support me and educate me in how best to stay on top of my progress!"

J. Wright, KY

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Our Coaching Services:

Just like your coach for your training, a nutrition coach is vital to progress when you have goals you are working to achieve.  Get Your Fix Nutrition offers extensive 1-on-1 nutrition coaching to further help you with your performance goals. 

✔️ Fine tune and dial in nutrition specific for your needs.

✔️ Adjust eating plan based on training cycles, training load, and competitions or races.

✔️ Provides accountability and support for those days you feel you can't do it anymore. (We all have them!)

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